Our terroir

An environment where respecting natural equilibrium is an essential presupposition to enjoy what the nature gives us.

It’s from a past of share cropping that begun the story of the company Longhi, whose family is original from Val d’Asso. It’s because of citizen welfare that this family moved away from the countryside in the seventies,  then came back some years later, with a new found and bigger passion. In the nineties Longhi acquired the “Fonteina”, a nice area of truffle and vowed not only to truffle colture but also to luxuriant growth of vines and olive trees. In 2000, the production was expanded by purchasing a confinant territory where new vines were implanted and a cellar was built.
It’s from 2005 that the cellar started a transformation process on its products by firstly commercializing them through the local market and after by creating a net of foreign contacts.

The cultivations

The production of this winery is distributed in 4 hectares of vines, 4 hectares of olive trees, 12 hectares of arable fields and then an areaof 17 hectares which is dedicated to the cultivation and harvesting of truffles.

  • Vineyards
  • Olive grove
  • Truffle fields
  • Wood
  • Arable

Our philosophy

Respecting the territory is the philosophy on which is funded the winery Longhi, that recently started the bureaucratic iter to obtain the organic certification.

By the way, from the beginning is strictly forbidden to employ any kind of pesticide: at the bottom of this choice, not easy when we’re talking about particularly bad vintages, there’s not only love for its own

environment that always characterises this family, but also will to preserve a land rich of so many precious gifts, like the truffles, which are prosperous in this area.

The Sandy Soil

which gives our products a special feature.